8 Unexpected Things To Do In London

Juan came to visit me in London this February since it was the last week that I was working in London. I’d booked an AirBnB in Shadwell which is Zone 2 in East London and I was excited to explore East London and be closer to Central since I’d mostly lived in Greater West London!

1. Feed Your Inner Child with Candy Floss Ice Cream Cones at Milk Train

I’d wanted to try Milk Train’s candy floss ice cream ever since I came across a video of it on Facebook. We were really lucky to arrive when there wasn’t a massive queue because the first time I’d planned on going, there was a queue that snaked all around the block! When we left, a big queue was forming again.

Ice cream cloud!
I’m floating on candyfloss!
Candy floss Santa
Father Diabetes

I ordered a matcha candy floss cone and Juan ordered chocolate. The special cones with extra toppings were around £6 so they are quite expensive. Our ordinary cones still included a chocolate straw biscuit so we didn’t feel like we were missing out.

The order comes with a wet wipe because melted ice cream on candyfloss can get a bit messy… All in all, a little pricey but definitely worth a try for the experience and the sugar high.

2. Dip into Hot Pot at Little Four Seasons

We walked back to China Town for dinner with my friends at Little Four Seasons and we tried their pork stomach broth hot pot. I didn’t know it was actually made from pork stomach until afterwards but by then it was too late and the broth was too delicious!

The broth was milky white with a delicious peppery flavour. It really complemented the enoki mushrooms (my faves) and the other hot pot sides. Even though I am usually squeamish about innards, this broth was really delicious – I would recommend!

Hot Pot
Beef balls, fish balls, lettuce, beef, enoki mushrooms, and udon for sides – nom nom nom.

3. Chill with Llamas and Alpacas at Mudchute Park & Farm

From our AirBnB in Shadwell, we took the DLR to Island Gardens to visit the Mudchute Park & Farm.

Within 5 minutes, we had already encountered our first mishap… I’d forgotten to bring my GoPro! Luckily the Airbnb was literally round the corner from the station so we went back to get it. The second mishap of the day was when our train arrived, I was meaning to get on the train but Juan thought it wasn’t the right one so I hung back (even though I knew it was the right one!) whereas he jumped on at the last moment as the doors were closing! I was left behind on the platform so we had to meet back up at the next station. Massive eyeroll ¬_¬

Island Gardens
Who even needs captions when you have a snapchat filter?

As soon as we entered the farm, a squirrel jumped onto Juan’s leg! Unfortunately, my phone was dying so my camera didn’t load in time to snap a picture of it 🙁 It was like a fairy tale!

Disney Prince with sidekick
Disney Prince spotted with animal sidekick
Mr Squirrel
Mr. Squirrel hard at work coercing humans into feeding him.
Not feeding the squirrel
It’s a trap Mr. Squirrel, this hooman has no food!

We managed to see the llamas and alpacas. The llamas were hilarious and super odd-looking with their under-bites and wonky teeth.

Llama llama... duck?
Llama llama… duck? Llama on the right giving me a strong side eye for that joke.
Selfie with a llama
Vogue Llama.
Llama Lean
The llama on the right is cutting shapes like a Smooth Criminal

A little girl was shouting in Spanish: “Mira su culo!” – “Look at his bottom!” It was hilarious. It was a really lovely farm with lots of space for the animals.

Mira su culo! Now you know what a llama butt looks like.
Shaved alpacas! They look like funny-looking big lambs

Close to closing time, the sheep were herded into a feeding area and they swooped past us like glorious sheep warriors.

After the farm, we went back to the recreation ground outside Island Gardens station and played on all the climbing frames. Because, if you didn’t already know, we’re big kids.

Hoop girl
When you’re a hoop girl and you see mini hoops.

4. Dine with Superheroes at Area 52

We took the DLR back to Shadwell and then decided to stroll to Shoreditch. Along the way, we stumbled across this awesome Superhero diner which had statues and paraphernalia from various superhero movies. We stopped there for an Oreo freakshake which was delicious!

Delicious Oreo freakshake on a slate
I have the key to the Joker’s cell!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman!
Nanananana Batman!

5. Enter the Viking World of Skye Halla at Queen of Hoxton’s Rooftop

Queen of Hoxton is one of my favourite haunts. They change the theme of their rooftop bar for summer and for winter. This year, the winter theme was Skye Halla, inspired by Norse mythology. We headed there on our evening stroll to try their Nordic-inspired food and to see their new winter theme.

Skye Halla
Inside the beautiful Viking-inspired wigwam
Hakon's Hog
Hakon’s Hog – roast pork with crackling

6. Melt with Dark Sugar’s Hot Chocolate

Next day, we set out trying to catch Pokemon to digest our homemade lunch and stumbled upon Brick Lane. We accidentally encountered Dark Sugars – the artisan chocolatier that I’d been wanting to go to ever since I saw their video on facebook (most of my food cravings seem to stem from there)! We ordered one of their signature Hot Chocolates with the chopped pieces of chocolate melted into hot, frothy milk. It was heavenly.

Hot chocolate
Rich and creamy hot chocolate

7. One Word: Cronut

The hot chocolate was really just a distraction, our actual goal was to try the new fad – cronut! The famous croissant donut. When we arrived at Dum Dum‘s, they only had 4 cronuts left! Our selection was apparently a favourite in Dubai and we were lucky enough to get the last one.

The cronut was tasty but my fickle sweet tooth meant that half a cronut was enough for me.

Rose glaze with a sprinkling of pistachios

8. Try International Street Food at Pump Shoreditch

After the cronut, we headed to Pump for dinner and we tried arepas from Guasacaca. We fell into the trap of trying the vendor’s sample and the corn bread was so crispy and tasty, we had to order our own!

I’d heard of arepas but definitely worth a try. They’re like the taco’s lesser known cousin.

Crunchy cornbread with a beef filling, drizzled with guacamole

Although I’ve been living in London (well, Greater London just about counts) for 5 years, it never gets boring because there’s always new and exciting things to discover. Let me know what you think of these places if you end up checking them out!

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