Trip to Germany Part 1 – Berlin & Oldenburg

After waiting for what felt like forever, we finally got to see each other again when I went to Germany to visit Juan! Juan lives and studies in Oldenburg so going to visit a week before Christmas was the perfect time to see all the Christmas markets.


We started the trip off by meeting up in Berlin. Unfortunately, the day before flying, I came down with a horrendous fever and I was massively panicking about getting the flight and about whether I would be well enough to enjoy Berlin. I flew with Ryanair to Berlin Schonefeld Airport where Juan was waiting for me at the Arrivals with a bag of medicine and presents! We exchanged Christmas presents at the hotel and all the presents were super cute and lovely :3

Thank you for the thoughtful Christmas presents!

We explored Berlin the next day and met up with my friends Wing and Seromi. We had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant because I had such a sore throat, all I wanted was hot soup so soupy noodles (i.e. pho) was a very lucrative option. We were such bad tourists though… going to eat Vietnamese food in Germany!

Juan took us on a tour of Berlin and we stopped at many major and historically significant sights. It was freezing in Berlin and it was not great weather for my flu-infested state but I soldiered on and tried to enjoy my time there, as well as visit as many places as I could manage. I didn’t even have a scarf with me (everything is stored away back at my parents’) so I had to hurriedly buy one at Uniqlo in Berlin.  I was mugged off by the exchange rate! Sigh. Museum Island was so pretty, I love these ornate buildings! We also saw Brandenburg Tor, the memorial for the burning of the books and the Jewish memorial. There was a great contrast between all the happy Christmas sights and the historical and morose memorials.

Checkpoint Charlie was an interesting area, I thought it was funny that the sign that you are about to enter the American zone now also has a KFC sign right next to it. We found a vintage Photoautomaten close by and of course we had to get some pictures. We weren’t prepared for the pictures though, there was no countdown so our first picture was SO tonto  (stooopid) and we looked so confused!

Checkpoint Charlie
Tourist trap at Checkpoint Charlie

We ended up going to the Christmas market in Mitte and we tried a cinnamon-y roll/donut thing. I have no idea what it was but it was tasty! We had dinner in restaurant under a train bridge. It was quite rustic looking and had some famous German dishes. The atmosphere was really great and I tried milk with honey for the first time (delicious btw, although my parents always told me that it’s poisonous to mix milk with honey… strange Chinese myth?)

Unfortunately, we were running out of time for catching our train back to Oldenburg. It was a 4 hour train journey and this was the last train so I was panicking a little about not missing the train because then we’d be stranded. Luckily, we did manage to catch our train but it was a very busy train so we kept having to move seats because all the seats had been reserved already. At one point, we just sat in the dining carriage for a while!


I was still pretty ill once we were back in Oldenburg so fast forward a few days, we went to the cinema to watch Rogue One. The cinema had a special Rogue One deal for popcorn where you get a free mug and a Star Wars themed sippy cup so of course, Juan wanted it so I got it for him. The film was entertaining, I loved the new sassy robot! It was so funny because I was just saying how he’s a competent C3-Po and then the next moment, they made a C3-Po reference! I have great accidental comedic timing.

The cinema was super cool, they had a random slide from the 5th floor that anyone can go on. After the film, we tried the slide and it was so fun! We are just big kids. It was so fun that I had to go another time down the slide!

The next day, we were planning to do a day trip to Hamburg but we wanted to check out the Christmas market in town first. It was a cute little Christmas market by the Gothic church. I finally got to try Feurzangebowle and get the Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut that I’d been craving! It ended up getting a bit late to make a day trip to Hamburg so we decided to go the next day so that we could spend more time on our day trip.

When we went home, we decided to do our MateMake project together! Our Catbug and Jelly Kid earmuffs! The project details will be up in a future post!


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