Lunar Beanie

DIY Lunar Industries Beanie

Recently, we watched the film ‘Moon’ together. Juan is very into sci-fi and this was one of his favourite films. Brief synopsis: protagonist (and pretty much the sole actor in this film), Sam bell, is an astronaut who works at a mine on the moon for Lunar Industries. If you haven’t seen the film, I’d suggest you just watch it without looking it up because the beauty of it is when you realise that things are not as they seem… but I can’t really say any more otherwise there will be MAJOR SPOILERS.

Basically, after watching this film, you will fall in love with the robot, Gerty.

Anyway, plot aside, I noticed Sam wore a Lunar Industries beanie in one scene which really caught my eye. Since Juan is really bad with his hats (he keeps losing them), I thought I would make him a Lunar Industries beanie because his current hat is bound to go missing soon! Also, I think this would be a great Christmas gift for Juan! I’ve banned Juan from reading the blog until after I give him his Christmas presents to keep the surprise!

Sam Rockwell - Moon
Sam Rockwell looks busted but his hat attire is mighty fine!

How to make:

This was a VERY simple project but I loved how it turned out and it’s great for small budgets. This project was so simple, it’s basically 2 steps.

As soon as I saw the beanie, I looked on ebay for a Lunar Industries patch and luckily, I found it from a UK seller so I was able to receive it super quickly!

Also, I remembered Poundland had some good quality black beanies. Basically, this project was so simple to make once I’d acquired the patch and the hat. All I had to do was sew the patch onto the brim of the beanie and voila! Definitely a great gift for a fan boy!

Tiny side note, the patch was an iron-on and I did originally try to use an iron to adhere it to the hat but then I was worried that the hat would burn or melt so I just opted to sew the patch on. It was a little more tricky because of the adhesive but nothing majorly labour intensive.

I really love how the hat turned out!

Lunar Beanie
Lunar Beanie

Update: Here’s what the hat looks like worn. I loved the hat so much, I had half a mind to keep it for myself hehehe. But you can see in my posts about Germany, I did surrender the hat to Juan finally!

Beanie baby

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